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Renowned for its incredible natural beauty and an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its breathtaking  landscape, the Neapolitan Riviera has long been renowned for its picturesque towns and scenery.

It’s a picture of captivating mountains sloping down to the shimmering blue waters, outstanding views and quaint little towns edged in verdant forest. It’s beauty is unmistakable but this area offers so much more with its very unique culture and way of life. Meandering narrow streets host shops and boutiques, cafes and restaurants, colourful boat moored around bustling little ports, the Neapolitan Reviera is simple a “postcard” of a place.

Time Difference

Best Time to Visit
March to October

A “postcard” picture of sloping, verdant mountains, shimmering blue waters, quaint little towns and breathtaking sceney….


It is a hot spot for hikers and offers a range of walks, for both the most experienced walkers as well as beginners. And for the more adventurous an array of water sports are on offer but if you just want to laze around the sandy beaches, the crystal clear waters are surely impossible to resist and too inviting for a leisurely swim.

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