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Laos still remains fairly untainted and offers a glimpse of how the east used to be a few decades back.  Laos has a diverse landscape, from the dense forest of the north, still inhabited by various hill tribes, to the Khong Pha Pheng Falls on the Mekong river and the largest in South East Asia, to the flat plains of the Bolovens Plateau in the south.

A delightful country, it retains much of its French colonial heritage with a friendly ambiance and unhurried pace of life, one more so than in Luang Prabang, former royal capital, and UNESCO World Heritage Site. A perfectly preserved historic town, possible in the best preserved in Southeast Asia, with its charming colonial buildings and graceful wats, where ancient traditions are part of daily life – the morning ritual of Alms, where the local monks walk along in line collecting food offerings from the locals, a century old tradition which still takes place today.

Capital City

Time Difference

Lao Kip (₭ LAK)

Best Time to Visit
October to April

Captivating, untainted natural beauty, tranquil ambiance, distinct cultural wealth, and friendly people….. 

Distinguished by its graceful temples with glimmering golden spires, along with its colonial architecture and sleepy tree-lined streets, Vientiane never fails to entice visitors. The Pha That Luang stupa, a gold-covered Buddhist temple towering almost 45 metres high, is perhaps the most important symbol and national monument in Laos

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