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Less than 50kms long and about 25kms wide, the largest of the Ionian group of islands lies between Lefkada and Zante. Kefalonia’s best-known attractions are without a doubt some of its stunning beaches where limpid waters with the most spectacular hues fringe a dramatic coastline. The island’s most recent ‘claim to fame’ is that it was chosen as the setting for the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”. Myrtos, on the northwest coast, is the very best example of Kefalonia’s splendid landscape where sheer cliffs embrace a gorgeous expanse of small pale pebbles. The capital, Argostoli, is set in a deep inlet. It is an active small town with a thriving port. Across the bay, the western peninsula of Kefalonia is home to the island’s second largest town, Lixouri. Travelling north, the beauty of the area of Assos combined with its lovely castle has put this little seaside village on the tourist map. The social scene generally takes in a good sprinkle of friendly bars and restaurants – no busy discos or wild parties, just enough choice for pleasant evenings out with the larger choice of nightlife in Argostoli.

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Best Time to Visit
March to October

Not many islands can rival Kefalonia in that every direction you take promises fantastic experiences. The eastern side of the island is no exception with two of Kefalonia’s most visited sights. Drogorati Cave, an amazing labyrinth made up of imposing stalactites and stalagmites is a definite must. Just as spectacular is the Lake of Melissani where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from a small boat.

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